About Us

Our Story

Blow and Co. was designed by women who have been experimenting with hair styles, colors and fashions in, and around salons and family members kitchens since childhood. The atmosphere and décor of Blow and Co. was inspired by all of the things we love… fashion, friends and most importantly family. We wanted to create a space were women could come be themselves, get pampered, feel great, grow confidence and make memories. We want it to feel as though it's your Blow Dry Bar. A place “where everyone knows your name.

What we do:

We are in the business of Blowouts and Styling. This means No Cuts, No Highlights, Just Blowouts, Updos and Makeup. In just 45 minutes, for just $35, we shampoo and style your hair into perfection. We believe getting your hair styled regularly isn’t just for the privileged. It’s for everyone who wants gorgeous hair, whenever they desire and always remember DON’T WASTE YOUR PRETTY!!

XO Blow and Co Team